CTA has helped in many ways as a teacher. First and foremost it has helped me to find my own voice without being fearful. I feel supported. It has helped me find a way to pay off my student loans by attending a workshop. I have become a more active member and started attending two different committees’ meetings. I have met the most dedicated and passionate individuals when it comes to education. It has helped me being involved in the AFT Teachers Leaders Program where I will have the opportunity to suggest the implementation of world language at early age (k-5). In short, CTA has helped me to find confidence in my career as an educator and it has give me hope and showed me that there are still many of us who truly care about education and the children of your community.  CTA Member Angelina

CTA is an organization that cares about their members. I am proud to be a member as well as happy that I am allowed professionally to give back and help other teachers through CTA’s professional development classes. Anytime that I have had questions or concerns, I have always gotten immediate feedback. CTA Member Stacy

I’ve worked in the District for decades and thank CTA for the salary I’m currently paid.  Before the problems with the economy, teacher salaries kept steady pace with similar professionals and CTA was able to have all my District teaching years credited to my salary with back pay when I returned to work after taking a break to help my son. I also thank CTA for rectifying a mistake that an administrator made concerning my evaluation. CTA Member Deborah

You can take my word that I am Grateful for CTA and will forever speak to any human being that has EARS to listen that CTA is the only way to SAFELY teach in today’s’ schools. I can’t even begin to explain to you how safe I felt having CTA next to me supporting me.
CTA Member Bethany

CTA is an investment in yourself for financial gain and better working conditions. There is NO ONE else that is going to look out for you. CTA Member Matthew

I joined the Union many years ago at my first school back in Chicago. I saw through my father, who was also a teacher, that the Union was able to help teachers get additional benefits and additional money. Over the years, the Union has argued for smaller class sizes, compensation for additional hours teachers put in, additional stipends for education and certifications, supported teachers when they are called on disciplinary issues and a bridge between teachers and administration at the school level. CTA Member Debi

My school with a lot of hyper-involved parents.  CTA is there to help the staff at my school for big problems and small.  Since Justin Katz became CTA President, the level of professionalism and communication with members has risen to a level not seen before in my 21 + years of teaching.  Join CTA now for their help, their free trainings, their support in getting the contract/raises/evaluations back to supporting teachers, and their drastically improved reputation within the county.  Be proud of being CTA! CTA Member Susan

There is no other group in this state that will work FOR YOU or PROTECT YOU. Part of your dues also work toward lobbying in Tallahassee against bad bills that affect education and educators. Retired CTA Member Sophia

I’m new to the Union this year but I have to say I have been impressed with how hard they work. Definitely not an easy job for sure. CTA Member Elaine

We have to do our part for civic involvement. Who lobbies for us? NEA and FEA. Who negotiates all the contract language and perks that you enjoy? CTA. Do you think the district all on its own would have changed that evaluation system? No. Not until they got sued.
CTA Member Rob

You don’t REALLY understand the gravity of their importance until you have a problem with administration OR… with payroll. God forbid you have to sit in due process or some work-related legal issue. CTA Member Trey

Yes! Don’t you want to have a say in your job and profession? CTA Member Donna

As a lead rep who represents members by protecting their jobs, ensuring evaluations are fair and proactively working with my Principal to make the best working environment possible I can tell you YES. CTA Member Carla

YES YES YES…. we can thank these people who work tirelessly for us. Without CTA we would all be at the mercy of the politicians in Tally… CTA Member Susan

I have been a member since the first day of employment; not only for the purpose of guarding against loss, but for the purpose of collective bargaining and to be part of the larger NEA, AFT, and FEA professional associations. I believe that every teacher should be a part of these, to have a proactive voice in shaping educational policy, lobbying, as well as their ongoing support of local associations. Come and join us, and welcome! CTA Member Julie