The Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association is the only local educators group that will fight for teachers in our district!

It is not an overstatement to say that without CTA none of this could have been possible. Many of our veteran educators will see annual $5,000 and $10,000 supplement increases in each of the next four years; with newer teachers also receiving $1,000 increases annually.

1. CTA demanded action to address salary compression and negotiated for the creation of a joint salary compression committee, last year.

2. CTA/SDPBC agreed that the only meaningful way to address salary issues for veteran educators was to use the upcoming property tax referendum.

3. CTA advocated and pushed the district to go after a full 1.00 millage increase vs 0.25 in the past.

4. CTA lobbied and publicly fought to ensure these revenues would go to only traditional, district-operated public schools and not charter schools. WE WERE THE ONLY DISTRICT IN THE STATE THAT EXPLICITLY WORDED OUR BALLOT TO ENSURE THIS HAPPENED.

5. CTA worked side-by-side with the SDPBC in their campaign efforts to pass the referendum and were able to raise over $100,000 in private funding to run a campaign to get the referendum approved. We were very successful with over 72% of voters approving!

6. CTA organized a massive outreach effort to lobby the Florida Legislature to DEMAND RETROACTIVE LANGUAGE THAT INCLUDED CHARTER SCHOOLS BE STRIPPED FROM HB 7123.

7. CTA held two of the largest educator rallies in PBC to draw statewide media attention to our situation and put pressure on lawmakers.

8. CTA was the reason legislators ultimately backed down from their attempt to retroactively invalidate our local referendum results.

CTA worked for 1.5 years to negotiate the scenario that led to our referendum, successfully campaigned and won the referendum vote, solidified with contract language our supplement levels before the referendum even passed, and fought a radical legislature and their attempts to steal our hard-earned salary supplements.

No one else is out there fighting for teachers but our local, state, and national unions. Join today to have your voice be part of the conversation.